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I attempted to respond to your latest videos and my post did not register.

Thanks for your videos; they are, as usual, excellent.

Your assistance last year in helping me plan my SQ 2 flight to SFO was really helpful.

I was surprised at the food and beverage offerings as well as the comfort provided at the Silverkris Lounge. So many choices of food and high quality beverages along with a spotless Lounge and restroom along with many choices of reading material and TV selections! One of your videos showed the gentleman with the trash cart patrolling the Lounge. He made repeated passes through the venue and prevented any clutter. Good for him!

I agree with your recent comments that the PA announcements need to be much louder than they are. Particularly, if one's ears are plugged, it is difficult to understand what is being said. As a result of this, the instructions given over the PA for me to leave the aircraft at Hong Kong and go to a departure lounge for re-boarding were not clearly understood. I became confused as to where to go and needed SIA's ground personnel's help in order to get to the proper gate.

I also Booked the Cook, but made a mistake for dinner out of Singapore. I chose the Rib-Eye steak. It was too well done, tough, and flavorless. All other aspects of the dinner were fine. I also Booked the Cook for Supper out of Hong Kong, but, given the time of night and the amount of food already consumed, I passed on my ordered entree and accepted a Chicken Salad Sandwich which was delicious. Breakfast coming into SFO was off the normal menu and was quite good. I ordered the omelet, if I recall. I was disappointed to find no Canadian whisky offered on the beverage menu.

Aircraft's entertainment systems and I don't get along. I managed to freeze my system on the Singapore-Hong Kong leg and my Singapore Girl could not correct it. Re-boarding, the system was working, I then programmed it to the single channel I wanted for fear of messing up the system again.

If the opportunity arises in the future, I would book Singapore Airlines again!
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Thanks very much for your comments.
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